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Data Scientist (Two Jobs)

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Data Scientist (Two Jobs)
Job# 2779
Location:  Madison, WI
Education Requirements:  Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Computer Sciences or Engineering, or related field or equivalent experience. Preferred Candidates will have PhD in Computer Sciences or Engineering, Operations Research, Economics, Mathematics, or related field.
Other Requirements:  Include:

  • Specialized Knowledge and Skills Requirements:
  • Demonstrated experience providing customer-driven solutions, support or service.
  • Ability to work as part of a team and to communicate effectively.
  • Proficiency in programming languages suitable for database access, scripting, and statistical analysis. Familiarity with version control for software development.
  • Demonstrated experience using large amounts of structured, semi structured, and unstructured data.
  • Experience formulating, approaching, and solving problems on massive datasets.
  • Experience working with and analyzing massive sets of unstructured data.
  • Solid knowledge managing data to scale using data summarization, query and analysis software and tools.
  • Preferred Candidates will have the following:
  • P&C insurance fraud. Experience with fraud platforms such as SAS/FICO Fraud Framework, interactions with SIU and business teams in formulating business rules and incorporating them in models, additional feature engineering and link analytics, use of social media data for fraud, etc.
  • Experience with open source packages for:
    • Modeling (e.g. Torch, Tensorflow, scikit-learn, xgboost),
    • Visualization (e.g. matplotlib, ggplot, vega, d3.js) OR,
    • Data processing (e.g. Spark, Stanford CoreNLP, gensim).
  • Relational database and SQL skills.
  • Experience with cloud infrastructures.
  • Experience with tools and best practices for software engineering, including version control, testing, and review practices.

Salary Range:  $107k to $175k + 15% target bonus
Description:  Uses exploratory data analysis to provide innovative solutions to complex problems.  Works with business partners to understand what the business needs and issues are to address.  Applies knowledge of statistics, machine learning, programming, simulation, and advanced mathematics to recognize patterns, identify opportunities, pose business questions, and make valuable discoveries leading to insights or improvements that have a significant financial impact on the organization.  Develops and evaluates predictive models and algorithms that lead to business solutions.  Generates and tests hypotheses and analyzes and interprets the results of experiments.  Communicates findings and recommendations to leadership and business partners.  Supports implementation efforts.  Job duties and responsibilities include:

  • Leverages machine learning and predictive modeling projects across a variety of problem domains or business initiatives, building predictive models to support business partner objectives and business needs.
  • Manipulates and investigates large and complex datasets and formulates data requirements and model specifications needed for development.  Incorporates findings and provides industry and competitor insights as part of model development and enhancement.
  • Works closely with business partners and domain experts to identify critical questions.
  • Working with domain experts, develops problem definition, analytical approach, and research design for modeling projects.
  • Works with business partners, both internal and external, to identify new opportunities and challenges.
  • Participates in the selection of research tools and technologies, design of a common research process, and brainstorming new opportunities and methodologies.
  • Researches and maintains awareness of industry best practices and business strategies.
  • Proactively brings in new and innovative ideas and approaches to develop business solutions.
  • Monitors industry and competitor trends to determine potential impact to predictive models.
  • Leverages emerging technologies, open source tools, and harnesses new mathematical techniques.

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