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Life Insurance & Annuity Corporate Actuarial Curated Jobs List Dated August 23, 2018

Welcome to a Curated Job List compiled by Mid America Search. This List of Jobs, which our Client organizations are seeking to fill, have one or more factors of commonality thus Mid America Search has compiled or curated this collection of Jobs into the List below. Trustfully, our efforts will enhance your efficiency and provide time well spent in studying the information.

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Assistant Actuary & Manager, Corporate Model Production (Two Jobs)
Job# 2756
Location:  Des Moines, IA or Chicago, IL or Sioux Falls, SD
Education Requirements:  Bachelor's degree, preferably in the area of mathematics, or a business-related field.
Other Requirements:  Include:

  • FSA preferred. Will consider near-FSA actively pursuing completion of FSA or career ASA.
  • Prefer minimum 6 to 8 years of experience in the field of Actuarial Science.
  • Extensive experience with actuarial modeling software, preferably MG-ALFA.
  • Prior experience with SQL and Visual Basic is desired.
  • Prior experience in a controlled Model Governance environment a plus.
  • Demonstrate a superior level of mathematical ability and attention to detail and strong analytical skills.
  • Demonstrate strong computer skills including proficiency in the use of applicable technical tools.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills including the ability to present highly technical information to non- technical audience.
  • Experience leading projects and/or supervising work of others is preferred.
  • Due to the financial nature and level of accountability of this job, a credit and criminal background check is required.

Salary Range:  $110k to $160k DOE
Description:  Lead a small team within the Actuarial Model Production area of our Client’s Corporate Modeling department that does corporate projects such as cash flow testing, Corporate Plan and asset/liability management reporting.  Provide leadership and direction to analyze, summarize and present management information to drive decisions.  Prioritize the team’s work, providing technical guidance and review results.  Manage multiple projects and work collaboratively with other departments. Understand our Client’s companies, and its business units, financial goals and objectives and deliver results that support those objectives.  Lead special projects as directed.  This job has 1 to 2 direct reports.  Job duties and responsibilities include:

  • Lead staff in completing projections for regulatory and internal projects.  Work with fixed, indexed and variable universal life insurance, term life insurance, whole life insurance, immediate annuities, and fixed, indexed and variable deferred annuities.
  • Lead staff in developing and maintaining validation tools to prove results are accurate.
  • Develop relationships with others outside the Company, including outside vendors.
  • Utilize project management techniques to lead and manage projects.
  • Apply strong knowledge of our Client’s products related to area of focus.  Understand new products and make recommendations regarding how to incorporate into existing models and/or actuarial processes.
  • Apply strong knowledge of insurance contracts and actuarial related regulations to perform existing functions.  Recommend enhancements to existing processes or lead development of new processes to accommodate regulatory changes.  Oversee preparation and review of materials required to comply with applicable regulations.
  • Develop and recommend assumptions for management approval.  Oversee application of assumptions needed for actuarial calculations or financial projections.  Leverage company data, industry data and/or any other information indicating a potential change in the future to justify recommendations for individual assumptions.  Oversee use of actuarial models to understand and explain the impact of a change in assumptions.  Ensure assumptions and sources of underlying data are well documented.
  • Leverage knowledge of accounting standards and other reporting requirements covering insurance liabilities and the assets backing liabilities to understand, analyze and explain financial reporting as needed.  This includes balance sheets and income statements produced by actuarial models.  Assist in interpreting and implementing changes in accounting and/or actuarial standards.
  • Lead staff to create spreadsheets, databases and other data analytic software as needed to perform data analysis and summarize, manipulate, transform and aggregate data efficiently and accurately.  Present aggregated data verbally, numerically, graphically or in another written format to highlight key features to inform management decisions.  Oversee checks to confirm the robustness of the data and analysis.
  • Understand concepts of relevant actuarial risks and the implications of failing to manage risk.  Direct team to quantify risk exposure and use model projections to produce management information to measure and to monitor on-going exposure.  Assist in developing risk mitigation techniques which may include product changes or new product designs.
  • Develop and manage a team of actuaries and/or analysts.  Manage and lead multiple projects.  Effectively plan and prioritize your team’s work in accordance with broader department objectives and priorities.  Provide technical guidance to the team and review their work for accuracy.  Execute performance management responsibilities on a timely basis.
  • Develop relationships and collaborate with other departments and business units.  Communicate effectively with other actuarial teams to ensure consistency in modeling approaches and assumptions across actuarial functions.  As needed, oversee preparation of actuarial calculations to support administration or test IT functionality.
  • Enhance and develop personal and professional skills through the Society of Actuaries’ exam or continuing education requirements.  Attending actuarial-related conferences is strongly encouraged.

Actuary & Supervisor, Model Development
Job# 2736
Location:  IL
Education Requirements:  Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or related field. Graduate degree preferred.
Other Requirements:  Include:

  • FSA.
  • MAAA.
  • Experience with MG-ALFA Actuarial Modeling software.
  • 5 years related work experience.
  • Strong project management skills.
  • Strong organizational, technical and communication skills.
  • Ability to train and supervise staff and establish priorities.
  • Leader: Inspires teammates to follow them.
  • Functional Expert: Considered a thought leader on a subject.
  • Detail Oriented: Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well.

Salary Range:  Negotiable
Description:  Newly created role with growing Life and Annuity Insurance Company.  Supervise the actuarial model development processes. Work with Senior Actuary to develop and manage our Client's actuarial policies and procedures and define department priorities and resource allocations as they relate to model development.  Job duties and responsibilities include:

  • Provide guidance and advice regarding actuarial matters of a corporate or modeling nature.
  • Supervise the development and maintenance of all corporate models.
  • Develop, implement and manage model governance and validation for use with all models.
  • Plan, organize and supervise departmental methods and procedures relating to model development in conjunction with the Senior Actuary.
  • Coordinate functions, responsible for development of new models, updates to models for new products, revisions of product factors and updates to asset and liability assumptions.
  • Manage updates to modeling software to evaluate impact on models and any changes needed as well as coordinate system updates for all model users.
  • Provide guidance and interpretation to department staff and other Home Office staff on actuarial theories, methods, and practices as they relate to modeling (i.e. pricing model, Enterprise Risk Management Model, Interest Rate Risk Model).
  • Coordinate model development work with model users assuring timeliness and development of the model for proper and intended usage.
  • Supervise the design and maintenance of models to analyze and project our Client’s financial results under a variety of assumptions and conditions.
  • Supervise the development of modeling assumptions using experience studies and manage modifications to the model projections.
  • Update and analyze Corporate Plan Model, Enterprise Risk Management Model (for Own Risk and Solvency Assessment Report), and Interest Rate Risk Model.
  • Respond to various regulations and the impact they can have on our Client’s models.
  • Develop methodologies to analyze sources of profit for inforce business.
  • Develop programs and procedures required to implement and maintain model integrity.
  • Train, motivate, and develop staff to meet the current and future needs of the department and our Client.
  • Assist in maintaining discipline, resolving problems, determining performance, and recommending promotions, transfers or dismissals of department staff.

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