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Title Profile# Education Affiliations
Life & Reinsurance Risk Management Actuary 12069 BA Degree, Information Management. FSA. MAAA. ChSNC.
Life, Annuity and Retirement Actuary 12066 BS Degree, Business Administration (Areas of study: Actuarial Science, Finance, Economics). FSA.
Actuarial Trainee 12061 BA Degree, Math and Software Engineering. Deans List. Phi Beta Kappa. SOA Exam P/1. SOA Exam FM/2. SOA Exam MFE.
Actuarial Analyst 12060 MSE Degree, Applied Mathematics and Statistics. BS Degree, Actuarial Science. BS Degree, Computer Science. ASA.
Chief Risk Officer 12059 MS Degree, Finance. BS Degree, Mathematics. Series 6, 63, 65. Series 3, 7 (expired). Pre-ASA.
Property & Casualty Actuarial Pricing Manager 12050 BS Degree, Finance. Graduated summa cum laude. ACAS, MAAA.
Life Chief Actuary and Chief Risk Officer 12042 MS Degree, Actuarial Science (Graduated with Honors). BS Degree. FSA. MAAA. Served on Leadership roles in SOA, ACLI, LIMRA.
Actuarial Trainee 11965 MA Degree. BS Degree, Mathematics. Four Actuarial Exams as detailed in Description.
Annuity Customer Service and Product Business Analyst 11803 BS Degree, Mathematics, Projected Graduation May 2018. AA Degree, Business Administration. Series 6. LOMA Certifications: ACS 100, AAPA 273, 283, 303, 313.
Life Pricing Actuarial Associate 11785 BS Degree, Mathematics (Distinction). Aptech Computer Education Diploma. Exam P, Exam FM, VEE Economics, VEE Corporate Finance, Exam M, Exam C, VEE Applied Statistics and FSA Modules. 6 courses Institute of Actuaries, UK equivalent to all current Core Technical (CT) and Specialist Technical (ST) series subjects of the Ins
Corporate Actuary 11771 MS Degree, Actuarial Science candidate. BS Degree, Mathematics and Economics. FSA. MAAA.
Director, Investment & Risk Management Actuary 11770 BA Degree, Mathematics and Accounting. FSA. MAAA. CFA.
Life and Pension Pricing Actuary 11754 Bachelor Degree, Actuarial Science. ASA.
Pricing Actuary 11722 BS Degree, Mathematics. FSA. MAAA.
Enterprise Risk Management Executive 11680 BSBA Degree. FSA. CERA. PRM. ChFC. CLU. CASL. FLMI.
Corporate Actuary 11660 BS Degree, Mathematics (minors in Actuarial Science & Economics). FSA. MAAA.
Pricing & Valuation Actuary 11643 BS Degree, Math and Computer Science. FSA. MAAA. American Academy of Actuaries Health Financial Reporting Past Committee Member. Society of Actuaries Long Term Disability Experience Past Committee Member. Group Insurance Exam Past Committee Member. Grader for the Society of Actuaries.
Life and Annuity Actuary 11633 BA Degree, Mathematics. ASA. CERA. MAAA. FSA Exams Completed: Life Pricing, Enterprise Risk Management.
Enterprise Risk & Health Benefit Management Actuary 11632 BSBA Degree, Actuarial Science and Economics, cum laude. FSA. MAAA.
Actuarial Associate 11630 MS Degree, Actuarial Science and Statistics. BS Degree, Mathematics and Computer Science. Passed SOA Exam P, Exam FM, FAP Modules 6 through 8, FAP Exam 2, FSA Capstone Module and Exam DP.
Life Pricing Actuary 11222 BS Degree, Actuarial Science. FSA. MAAA.
Life Product Management Actuarial Director 10704 MBA. Bachelor Degree, Statistics. FSA. MAAA. Passed EA-1 and EA-2.
Finance Officer 6065 Degreed. Member AICPA. CPA. SOA Credits (100+).

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